Keep Our Libraries Open.
For Good.

In 2019 people across NSW won an important battle to address a funding crisis in our public libraries, securing $60 million over the next four years.

But public libraries will only realise their potential to be vital community hubs of information, connection and activity if they have long-term financial security.

That’s why the Renew Our Libraries campaign will keep going, to draw attention to the great work our libraries do and call on our leaders to lock in the funding they need. For good.

It’s time to secure the future of NSW’s public libraries.

Our libraries, and the communities that depend on them, need to know that this funding won’t decrease in value over the next four years, or disappear altogether at the next election cycle, and beyond.

We need a sustainable, reliable funding model so that our libraries can continue delivering their valuable services today, and into the future.

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The heart and soul of our communities

Public libraries are so more than just books. They are valuable centres of learning and connection for all members of the community.

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Programs and activities

Whether it’s writers workshops, English lessons, seniors’ classes or kids rhymetime, public libraries need the resources to continue to deliver programs and activities that people from every part of our community can access and rely on.

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Technology and databases

No matter who you are or where you live, our local libraries are critical in giving everyone the opportunity to get connected and stay in touch.

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Infrastructure and community spaces

Public libraries are a focal point for people to meet, learn, study and create. Libraries need long term, sustainable funding to maintain and grow these increasingly popular community spaces.

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How you can help

We need to your help to secure the future of our public libraries. Our libraries can’t afford another funding crisis they need sustainable, reliable funding now, and in the future. 

Join the campaign to Renew Our Libraries and protect these important public resources.

Hear stories

Hear from NSW community members about why they love their libraries.

Maya - Concord

Maya – Concord

The local library is very important for our family because it has a big collection of study books and provides social events for our teenage twin boys. Read More »

Anne - Wagga Wagga

Anne Carmichael – Wagga Wagga

The services provided by public libraries are essential for creating and improving communities.
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Saxon – Byron Bay

Libraries are invaluable resource to a healthy and happy community.
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