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Tell us about your experiences

Tell us why your local library is a special place.

Every year, millions of people just like you visit our public libraries right across NSW.

Our libraries are valued places for people to access knowledge and wisdom, and are vital in supporting a strong education for our children and providing a quiet place to study.

They are the first place newly arrived Australians go to access information about their new country.

Public libraries also provide important places for parents with young children to spend time and are valued meeting places for elderly people.

Everyone has a story about what their library means to them and we want to hear yours.

Tell us about your experiences, or how your local library has helped you, your family, friends and your community. Tell us why you believe your library deserves to be funded properly.

We also want to know how you think your local library could be better. Because Renew Our Libraries is not just about preserving the good things libraries do now, it’s about creating and building the libraries of the future.

So, tell us, in your own words what you would like your library to do in the future. What services would you like it to provide and what kind of place would you like it to be.

Together, let’s Renew Our Libraries.

Renew our Libraries
Renew our Libraries